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How to Bake Soft Dinner Rolls

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Freshly baked homemade bread? Yes, please.
A couple of weeks ago, I bought an online tutorial taught by Chef Jeff Yankellow of King Arthur Flour (KAF) but I wasn’t really able to watch it until this weekend. The class was well made, pretty simple to follow and the rewind or play back button was/is the best! You’ll learn tips and tricks on the basics of baking bread.  Read more…


Celebrate June with Hokkaido Cakes

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Let me share with you this Hokkaido Cake that I made a couple of weeks ago. I tried the recipe from Ms. Corinne and it turned out pretty good. Hokkaido cakes are very popular in Asia. It’s basically a chiffon cake baked in small square muffin cups filled with cream and topped with a dusting of powdered sugar and fruits in season. It’s delicately sweet, soft and fluffy. Read more…

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