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You probably know that DIY face masks are NOT A SUBSTITUTE for N95 masks and the like. You have to add a filter especially when you’re out in public. There are people who have tested positive for COVID-19 who are asymptomatic and i think we have to be proactive in protecting ourselves and our household. Stay home. Wash your hands. Eat healthy. Spend time with God in prayer and reading of the Bible. Be creative. Share wonderful memories with your family and friends while observing social distance.

There are a lot of DIY face mask tutorials in all of social media, some require hand or machine stitching and some with no sewing at all. I tried a couple of patterns and tweaked it a bit.

I have acquired quite a number of fabrics, here are some of them. The first step prior to cutting and sewing is to wash the fabric – to make sure its clean, free from dust and chemicals. Also, it’s good practice in case it shrinks.

I made 3 masks with different styles – two are plain and one had an opening for a filter.  I tried different ways of wearing it as well:  with ear loops using 1/8 inch elastic ties and with ties that extend to the back of the head.  I

It was a pretty simple, fast and easy project to do.  It’s another idea to keep you busy during your stay-home routine.  If you don’t know how to sew, maybe now is the time to learn something new.  Have fun!

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