How to Make a Simple Elegant Table Centerpiece

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Do you love hearing love stories?  Well, I do.  Today, we celebrated a dear couples 20th wedding anniversary.   I enjoyed seeing their eyes glisten, their blushed faces and big smiles while listening to each others version of how they met and who first invited the other to dance.  Ahhhh… such joy.  My biggest take away was when the husband Mark, said that the Lord brought them together – that they “Complete and do not compete with each other.”  They have a strong partnership in God’s work and though they’ve been through a lot, it is only by God’s grace that one can be filled with joy amidst the storms of life.

Now on to our topic… My task was to prepare table centerpieces and with a tight budget, I had to go over my stash of materials:   gift tissue paper, burlap table runners and bottles in green and brown that I’ve accumulated through the years.

Then, to create additional interest, I bought candle holders which were originally black and now had a new life in gold. 

Quick tip in two words:  Spray Paint – It will do wonders to your boring projects (wink!)

To add color, I made paper peonies.  The process in making these flowers is long and arduous but of course, it was fun – from creating the ombre colored paper to cutting, assembling each petal and wrapping them around the floral wire.

The work didn’t seem long especially while being entertained by Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman in their new show “Making It.”  They just cracked me up with their silly puns and fun projects.To complete the look, we added fresh eucalyptus leaves which smelled sooooo good.Earlier, I mentioned that I was working on a tight budget but if given the choice, I would use a black slate as the base which I think makes a perfect canvas.   Instead, I used square corkboards which I believe complemented the arrangements.   So here it is, folks.  Let me know what you think.


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