How to Make a Simple Floral Arrangement

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Floral centerpieces make every table beautiful and they don’t have to be expensive.  Flowers bring joy and happiness to every special occasion.  These are arrangements that I made for Grandparents Day (September 9, 2017) celebration at church.  

Here are some tips on creating these simple floral arrangements:

Step 1: Gather fresh flowers

When you’re on a tight budget (like I always am), using bunches of small flowers such as these spray asters in purple and white is a great way to add a lot of interest.  Add fillers such as fens or these solidago green fillers.

Step 2: Find a nice container and trim your materials.

Use a container that would complement your arrangement and be proportional to the size of your table.  I have these teal Ball mason jars that adds a perfect pop of color.  Trim the materials and add them to the jar.

Step 3: Check to see if it makes you happy.

Step 4: If you’re making more than 1 arrangement, make sure that they look similar.

I usually prepare 12 centerpieces for round tables so I play around with the first arrangement until I’m satisfied with how it looks.  Then I replicate to achieve a cohesive and consistent design.

Step 5: Check for consistency.

Finally, check for consistency to make sure that they are of the same size and have the same amount of water.  As they always say, it’s all in the details.

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