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How to Bake Soft Dinner Rolls

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Freshly baked homemade bread? Yes, please.
A couple of weeks ago, I bought an online tutorial taught by Chef Jeff Yankellow of King Arthur Flour (KAF) but I wasn’t really able to watch it until this weekend. The class was well made, pretty simple to follow and the rewind or play back button was/is the best! You’ll learn tips and tricks on the basics of baking bread.  Read more…


Recipe: Homemade Guava Jelly

| Food

Have you ever tried eating guavas?  Guavas have a pungent odor and to some, they smell like a room full of sweaty people on a hot summer day in Texas.  Well, you have to taste it to enjoy it.  It’s a healthy fruit whose benefits are now being recognized – for cough and colds because […] Read more…

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