IMG_1324My name is Michelle, and welcome to CabbyCraft.  I am a follower of Jesus, wife to a loving husband of 5 7 years, a wannabe writer and definitely a handmade lover and a curious crafter.  My love for crafts began at a young age when we would make different projects during church eventsl.   I’ve done all sorts of stuff through the years:  scrapbooks, handmade cards, papertole, paper quilts – name it and I must have tried it.  I also sew and was first taught by my Mom and Aunt.  They taught me how to sew by hand followed by how to use our Singer sewing machine, how to mend clothes, attach buttons and make dresses for my Barbie dolls.   We also had a Home Economics class in school where we were taught to crochet, sew, embroider, do canning and a lot more.

Most of my limited TV time back then was spent watching local and foreign cooking shows.  When I was 9 years old or so, Mom took baking lessons and I was her apprentice or more like the “lick-the-batter-off-the-whisk” crew.   Few years later, I took cooking and baking courses as well.  My first cooking course was about Japanese cuisine, sukiyaki, teriyaki and my first baking course was on making “Bars”:  brownies, butterscotch, food for the gods and all that delicious goodness.

As an adult, my passion and curiosity for crafts have grown and matured.  I enjoy taking different classes and workshops where I can practice and share what I learned.  I believe that learning is a continuous process and it’s always good to learn something new.  A couple of years ago, I discovered an interest for polymer clayjewelry making and more recently rekindled my love for sewing.  In my journey, I’ve met a lot of recognized artists, authors and talented friends who made it all the more fun and exciting.

Cabby Craft features DIY projects, crafts, tutorials, event styling, cooking, food trips, all sorts of random thoughts that I’d like to share with you and my ETSY shop.  Feel free to browse and let me know if anything catches your fancy.  Please inform me and give proper credit if you’d like to borrow my photos or feature any of the articles.

I’d love to hear from you!  cabbycraft@gmail.com

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