Blooms for the Holidays

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I got a Schlumbergera truncata / Zygocactus truncatus or Thanksgiving Cactus from Lowes a week ago. It was my first time to take care of such and sadly, it dropped 5 buds. It might’ve been over watered at the store so I repotted it in a clay pot. I know… that’s too much stress so it probably had a hard time to acclimate.

Seasonal plants spotted at Lowes

It took a little bit of TLC and a couple of days ago, one bud started to bloom. Today, 11.15.2020, it fully opened. Yay! Isn’t it beautiful? I can’t wait for the rest to open.

This is one of three kinds of Holiday Cacti: Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. They differ in their names and classification, timing of their blooms and the characteristic of their leaves and flowers

Thanksgiving cacti have pointed leaves whereas the Christmas cacti more rounded.

The flowers of the thanksgiving cacti are bell shaped and with pollen bearing anthers.

I think I’d have to search for a Christmas and Easter cactus… it would be nice to have all three in my plant collection.

Keep planting and be a blessing to someone today.


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