Planting Scindapsus Pictus / Silver Pothos / Satin Pothos

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I got a Scindapsus Pictus or Satin Pothos sometime Summer of 2019 and it has grown quite a bit since then. It’s October 2020 and the vines are long however, the top looked bare in most parts. This photo shows the mother plant and may look full but it’s not – I just coiled the vines and placed it on top.

I’ve read articles and watched videos which say that pothos plants are easy to propagate either by water or soil. So, I gave it a try.

  • I got a couple of vines then cut shorter stems, making sure there was a leaf and a root node
  • I was able to get several cuttings and placed them in a small transparent bottle
  • I added enough water to cover the roots (water was changed every so often to make sure it was clean)
mother plant + baby cuttings
  • I allowed the roots to grow at least 1.5 – 2 inches long before deciding to pot them in soil.
  • It probably took 4 – 5 weeks for the root to grow
  • My soil mix was pretty basic: Miracle-Gro potting mix + perlite + Espoma bio-tone + horticultural charcoal + worm castings.
give the soil mixture a good mix to distribute amendments evenly
  • I used a 4″ plastic pot, added the soil mixture halfway and carefully placed the rooted cuttings.
  • Since most of them had long roots, I made sure that the entire length was in the soil.
  • Then, I topped it with more soil and gave it a good amount of water. Since these were propagated in water, I made sure that they were adequately watered.

There you have it – my silver pothos. All potted, happy and placed in an area that gets bright, indirect light. Now excuse me for whispering “Please grow.”

Do you like repotting your plants?

Until next time… keep planting and be a blessing to someone.

– Michelle

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