Oxalis Triangularis (Purple Shamrock)

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Aug 25 2020 – The gulf coast is preparing for Hurricane Laura this week so I had to
prepare our disaster kit and secure these plant babies.

It was love at first sight the first time I saw this plant, the Oxalis Triangularis. They look like butterflies with their delicate leaves that close-open and ‘dance’ to follow the light as seen HERE

I bought a 6″ pot of the purple oxalis in Spring of 2019 and quickly realized that it would need much TLC. I had to keep the water moist and remove dead stalks often. That first pot went to plant heaven, aka the trash, so I bought another one. It did well at first however by the end of summer, it started to turn brown and in my frustration, I did some research where I learned about their period of dormancy.

These plants have small tubers so, once the leaves and stalks withered, I stopped watering and placed the pot in a cool dark place. Then, fast forward to Jan 2020 when it started to show signs of new growth. Ahhhhh… there is hope! Yes, it gave me hope that I can take care of such plants.

These plants are usually available in the garden centers or grocery stores during Feb – March, around St. Patrick’s Day. I got 2, 6″ pots of lush green and purple oxalis in Feb 2020 for $12.99 each at a local Nursery. Aren’t they gorgeous?

They were doing so well in our covered porch until May 2nd 2020 when I saw them ‘holding on to their dear life.’ Que horror! How did this happen? What kind of plant momma am I? Did I overwater or underwater? Were there pests like aphids, spider mites or whiteflies? There were no pests so I think it was my sheer neglect. Tsk… tsk… tsk…

I cut all the stalks all the way down, watered when the soil was dry and monitored for new growth.

Here it is as of Aug 26, 2020. I would say it’s coming along pretty well. I guess I want to inspire you to keep learning about your plants and growing them. Oftentimes, we get envious of the beautiful plants that others are showing in their IG or FB pages but I’m sure they’ve had frustrations too.

So keep planting. You got this!

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