Care for Some Avo Toast?

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The Avocado Toast is probably one, if not The trendiest and most Instagrammable breakfast or brunch item these days.  There are a lot of versions out there but here’s mine.

My version was pretty simple: 1 slice of white bread, salad greens with a little dressing, 1/2 avocado and 1 poached egg.

– Toast the bread then layer with salad greens and sliced avocado. I think using brioche would be the best choice, though not necessarily the healthiest.

– For the salad greens, I added a drizzle of Primal Kitchens’s avocado ranch dressing

Finally, prepare the poached egg. There’s a lot of videos on how to poach eggs and it may be intimidating however, practice makes perfect.

It’s best to add the egg just before serving. But before you do, make sure you got your camera, knife and fork ready to get that eggcelent oozing goodness. Enjoy!

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