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One of my friends recently celebrated her birthday and I helped decorate the venue.   I wanted to make paper flowers for the table centerpiece so when I saw a video tutorial on how to make a peony from this site, I got it right away.   Their tutorials are nicely done and the instructors are very good.  They have different classes that range from general and paper crafts, sewing, knitting, drawing, painting and even cake decorating.  There will surely be one class that would perfect for you so check it out and have fun!


The peonies turned out very pretty and though it took a couple of steps to get the perfect ombre effect, it was worth the effort.  The tutorial was for a hair clip but since I wanted to use it as a table centerpiece, I left enough length of wire to fit the square glass containers.


IMG_2606IMG_2741This is how it looks like when worn as a hair clip.  I love the pink ombre petals on this particular flower.  Gorgeous!  If you make enough of these, you could make a wall of flowers or a backdrop for your next pictorial.

Happy crafting!



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