How to Make a Cute Baby Shower Gift

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It’s so easy to go to the store and buy stuff to give for a mother-to-be’s baby shower but I think it’s more special to give something handmade.  I wanted to try making a blanket using the serger that was generously given to me a few months ago and my first attempt was a success (if I may say so)!

I bought a yard of fleece and flannel from the fabric store, a pair of pink booties, a pack of diapers and rubber bands.  There were no cute toys in the store that day but I found a pacifier holder that comes with a small towel and I thought, ‘I could use this as a skirt‘ and so I did.    

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Once you have all the materials, it’s pretty simple to put together.  Here’s how I did it:

1.  Roll the individual diapers and secure with a rubber band if needed.  Put them together to form a round base and again, secure it with a rubber band.  Make 2 layers with one layer bigger than the other.

2.  Decide which fabric pattern you want for the bottom and top layer.  Here, I used the brown polka dots for the bottom layer and the pink fleece for the top.  Wrap the blanket around the rolled diapers and secure.

3.  Tuck the blanket neatly and make it slightly “poofy” because this will be the skirt.

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Position the booties and secure it with a rubber band.  At this point, let me warn you that you’ll be excited that it’s coming together perfectly but we’re not quite done yet.  Finally, place the stuffed toy with towel over the blankets and tuck the edges neatly.  Step back, admire your work and say.. ‘Awwwwww….. it’s so cute.

Try making one for your next baby shower event and have fun!



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