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My husband loves chocolate so whenever I want to make peace show him a little more love, I make him something with chocolate.  We recently hosted a Bible study where we served homemade TexMex cuisine:  chicken pozole, beef and chicken fajitas, fish tacos and churros for dessert.  

Choosing the perfect recipe

I did a little research, read a couple of cookbooks and searched the internet where I found Chef Gordon Ramsey’s video.  Golly, he always makes cooking look so simple and easy!  Some of the recipes used eggs and some didn’t.  I didn’t have any idea which was better and since I had eggs in my ref, I decided to try using them.  The churros recipe that I used was adapted from James Beard Foundation and the chocolate dipping sauce was adapted from Chef Gordon.

PicMonkey Collage (66)Making the Choux Pastry

The first few steps in making churros is similar to making cream puffs whereby you have to make a choux pastry.  Boil the water, butter and salt and immediately put in the all-purpose flour and mix vigorously.  You can also use an electric mixer to make it easier.  When it has cooled, add the eggs and mix well.Once the mixture is smooth, transfer it to a piping bag attached with a star tip and chill.

PicMonkey Collage (67)

Chocolate Sauce

The chocolate sauce that I made was adapted from Chef Gordon and is pretty straightforwardl.  Boil the heavy cream together with chili powder, cinnamon, orange peel, and vanilla.  Be careful not to over boil the cream.  Strain the mixture.  Off the heat, add the chocolate shavings and mix until well incorporated.  PicMonkey Collage (68)The fun begins!

Get a heavy bottom saucepan, add cooking oil, I used peanut oil and heat it up.  I don’t use a thermometer so I just test the heat by dropping a small amount of the choux pastry and if it cooks and floats right away, then it’s ready.  Squeeze a good length and snip it with scissors.  Fry until golden brown.  Drain the oil in paper towels.  Dredge the warn churros in cinnamon sugar.  Ahhhhh… yummy!

Once the churros and chocolate syrup are done comes the crucial part, as the case may be. Meaning, if you’re trying to please or make peace with your spouse then it can make or break the deal.  Lay the strips of churros on a nice plate, put the chocolate sauce in a glass container and serve it with a smile.

Try it out and let me know how much fun you had in making them.




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