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There’s a lot going on in the world of polymer art and you must have seen the #polymerartchallenge tag which was initiated by Ms. Donna Greenberg.  The rules are simple:  For 5 days the nominated artist will show one of their pieces & nominate 1 other artist to do the same.  I was nominated by 2 of my guild buddies, Paula and Bob for 2 consecutive days!  THANK YOU!  Woohooo… this turned out to be a real challenge.

“Faux Larsonite Statement Necklace”

Day 1:  “Faux Unakite Stone Serenity Statement Necklace”  

My love for polymer began a few years ago when I was still in Manila, Philippines.  I took a basic polymer clay class and got hooked since then.  I love learning about new techniques through books, video, PDF tutorials and doing different workshops.  One of my favorite tutorials is the Rocky Path Technique.  I used what I learned in that tutorial in making the faux larsonite stone beads in this statement necklace and pair of earrings.   Larsonite stone or Gary Green Jasper are formed formed when volcanic ash covered wood, algae, other swamp vegetation and mud ,million of years ago.  Water carrying the minerals seeped in creating the green color when it petrified.  Incidentally, this set won 3rd place in the guild’s 2013 Lone Star retreat “Friends and Faux” challenge.  

IN 2014, I was able to attend Ms. Kathleen Dustin’s Earrings Workshop.  In the photo below, I used the Rocky Path Technique for the bead and sterling silver wire that was patinated.

 Stay tuned for Day 2 and check CabbyCraft’s FB page to see who I nominated.

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