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IMG_0754It’s the 5th day of January 2015 and most of us have prepared and written our plans and made resolutions, which most likely involves weight loss or getting healthy, saving money, quitting a bad habit, or getting a better job.  Well, I have a few of my own but before I could be inspired to get going, I had to have a nice planner to write on.  I have this love for notebooks whether big or small, expensive or the not.  This year, I bought 2!  Yes, you read it right.  One is a large light blue planner that I got from Barnes and Noble and the other is a smaller Mead pink notebook from Target.

The paper almost feels the same but the outside cover of the Mead one is thicker and feels sturdier.

IMG_0757The paper on both notebooks almost feels the same but the outside cover of the Mead one is thicker and feels sturdier.  The pages look similar but I particularly like that the pink notebook from Mead is compact and can easily fit in my bag.
IMG_0756The Mead notebook also comes with labeled tabs on the side which makes it easier to navigate through the pages.  Cool, huh?

So here I am –  beginning with a clean slate page, hoping that these planners would allow me to organize, make my schedule and plan my projects.  Here are my 2015 craft art goals for CabbyCraft:

1.  Make projects consistently.  Since I’m into several crafts, I’m hoping to allocate ample time for each:  polymer clay, cooking / baking, sewing, etc.

2.  Join more craft or jewelry challenges.  This would stimulate my mind, not to mention use most of my inventory.

3.  Join a bazaar so I can get the hang and feel of it.

4.  Blog regularly so I can share my projects with all of you.

5.  To keep sharing CabbyCraft through different social media such as FB, IG, flickr, etc.

I can only make plans but in the end, only God knows what’s best for me.  He has it all laid down for me.  Therefore, I have to seek Him that He may see and know the deepest recesses of my heart.

Do you have New Year’s resolutions?


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