It’s Christmas!

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Christmas is just 9 days away from today, can you believe it?  The month of December is busy for us – office work, kitchen baking, get together with different groups of friends, church cantata, Christmas parties here and there, shopping and the list goes on and on.   It is a happy time for celebration that can be very exhausting for the mind, body and let us not forget, the pockets.

It is at this time where we may loose sight of the true meaning of the season and that is the birth of the Messiah, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, His name is JESUS!  Our Christmas cantata reminded me of Jesus’ lowly birth.  Who would have thought that the baby born in a manger would eventually die on the cross and suffer for the sins of man?  This season, we celebrate Jesus’ birth, his first coming but He is coming again, as a King!  A King who would hold us accountable to everything that we have done, good and bad.  How I long for that glorious day!

While it is a festive, lively and “noisy” celebration with many family and friends for some, there are others who are not so fortunate.  There are families who spend Christmas far apart each other, brought together by the modern wonders of the internet and skype, yes, that’s me.  I miss spending Christmas with my parents and family in Manila.  Well, we usually sleep in on Christmas eve and have a wonderful breakfast spread for Christmas morning during which we exchange and open our presents.  Simple.  Nothing fancy.  Fun. Memorable.

This Christmas Season, may your heart be filled with love, joy and peace!


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