Classy Bear Diaper Baby Shower Gift

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We had a baby shower today in honor of a co-worker who’s having a baby girl.  Her color theme was pink/grey/brown and her invitation showed an image of a sassy pregnant lady sitting on a globe in her high heels and she looked so gorgeous!

I love making or packing gifts that go with the party theme and my idea for this project was to put or sit a toy over a round base.  Hmmmm.  How should I do that?  Whenever I shop for items, I visualize what I can do with it.  At first, I thought of using a big stuffed toy but the base might not be able to hold it and then… I saw this bear with a square towel with a strap for a pacifier… aha, That would be perfect for a skirt!  The pink booties on the otherhand mimic the stilettos of the pregnant lady in the invitation.   When the project was done, It turned out to be perfect!

“Classy Bear Diaper Baby Shower Gift”

Tools and Materials:

diaper (I used 10 for the base and 5 for the top layer)

flannel or fleece blanket

bear with towel and pacifier strap

pair of booties or socks


scissors, plastic gift wrap



1.  For the bottom layer, arrange in a slight angled manner 10 – 12 pieces of rolled diapers and secure it with a rubber band.  For the top, use 5 pieces of rolled diapers also slightly angled and secured with a rubber band.


2.  Lay your blanket flat on a table and place the prepared diaper form in the center.  Wrap the blanket over the diapers and secure with rubber bands.

3.  I made the polka dot/animal combination of flannel and fleece blanket – it measures 29 x 38 inches that are sewn together with a “new-to-me” Singer Serger.   The excess fleece can be draped and tucked in the rubber bands to show the inner fabric design.

P1140109P11401254.  I wanted a puffy  top layer so that the bear’s “skirt” would look full.  The booties were secured by rubber bands – this was the part when one gets excited to see his or her project come together.

5.  Then add the bear / mini towel and tuck the edges on the side with rubber bands.  Doesn’t she look classy?P1140137This was another fun diaper gift that I made.  I’m addicted to making blankets these days.  LOL.

Have a blessed weekend!



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