Chicago’s “The Bean”

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The BeanOne cannot visit Chicago, IL and not go to Millenium Park and see the “Cloud Gate” or “The Bean.”  It is a public sculpture designed by British artist, Anish Kapoor.  It is shaped like a giant bean and is made up of stainless steel plates that were polished to a high sheen.  I think it also resembles a humongous liquid mercury from a broken thermometer that I used to play with when I was a kid.

The Bean reflects the architect of the city and gives the excited tourist a perfect souvenir photo.  I love that it gives different views depending on which angle or part of The Bean you are looking at.  The photo below was taken from the side where it looks like an egg that’s delicately floating on it’s side.  How cool is that?  I took this photo in the morning and though it was slightly overcast, I like how it turned out especially the happy clouds on the left side.

bean2This photo was shot in the morning when there weren’t too many people in the area.  Though it was slightly overcast, I like how it turned out especially the reflection of the cloud formation.  I have been to The Bean a couple of times and I still get excited each and every time.

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